Doorway in Chora


Evoke the timeless allure of Greek islands with this captivating photograph capturing Chora’s ancient beauty.

Greek Island Decor, Chora Texture, Mykonos History, Ancient Door Design

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This unique photograph showcases the vintage charm of Chora, Mykonos. As one gazes upon the aged wooden textures and intricate ironwork, the rich history of Greek islands comes alive. A piece like this not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of a space but also adds a narrative that sparks conversation. An essential piece for those who appreciate history intertwined with beauty.

For this print we use a heavy luster, museum grade paper. The semi gloss brings out the highlights yet reproduces amazing details.  We exclusively use only, acid free, archival materials. Printing is exclusively on Canon’s iPF printers using cold ink pigmentation. The materials and process ensures many generations will be able to enjoy this artwork.

Historic door design from Chora, Mykonos.
Historic door design from Chora, Mykonos.

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There are two available frame sizes for this print, 11x14" and 16x20".  The frame is a simple and elegant black design. It has a light wood pattern and comes ready to hang.

11x14" Black, Mfd construction, glass protector. Mat opening 8x10"  | 16x20" Black, Mfd construction, Plexiglass protector. Mat opening 8x10"