Coral Bell Overlooking Santorini Seas


This vibrant print features a coral-colored ancient bell set against the deep blue of the Santorini seas, encapsulating the spirit of the island.


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Capturing Santorini's Seaside Beauty

This fine art print beautifully showcases a coral-colored ancient bell perched above the dark blue waters of Santorini. The striking contrast between the bell and the ocean adds a dramatic flair to the piece, making it a captivating choice for anyone drawn to maritime or Mediterranean themes. Perfect as a standout home decor item or as a memorable gift for those who cherish Greek island beauty or coastal aesthetics.

For this print we use a heavy luster, museum grade paper. The semi gloss brings out the highlights yet reproduces amazing details.  We exclusively use only, acid free, archival materials. Printing is exclusively on Canon’s iPF printers using cold ink pigmentation. The materials and process ensures many generations will be able to enjoy this artwork.

Ancient coral-colored bell against the dark blue ocean in Santorini, Greece.
Ancient coral-colored bell against the dark blue ocean in Santorini, Greece.

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Frame options

There are two available frame sizes for this print, 11x14" and 16x20".  The frame is a simple and elegant black design. It has a light wood pattern and comes ready to hang.

11x14" Black, Mfd construction, glass protector. Mat opening 8x10"  | 16x20" Black, Mfd construction, Plexiglass protector. Mat opening 8x10"